Grow your agency with TEENY OFFICE


•             Great for all size travel agencies

•             Great for Host agencies

•             Great for independent agents

•             Independent agents maintain own database         

Maintain Client History


•             Quote History

•             Travel History

•             Email History

•             Independent agents independent 


Day-Week-Month at a Glance

•             Sales at a glance

•             Payments due

•             Guest departures

Robust Invoicing


•             Customizable with logos

•             White labeling for agencies with multiple sites

•             White Labeling for groups, events and clubs

•             Single commission invoices with tracking

•             Multiple vendor and commission invoicing

•             Travel History

•             Email History


Auto emails for Constant Guest Connections


•             Auto sales process communications

•             Auto deposit notifications

•             Auto final payment notifications

•             Auto bon voyage notifications

•             Auto welcome home notifications

•             Auto Disney Notifications

•             Auto Disney cruise notifications

•             Auto birthday wisjhes

Resources Library


•             Vendors contacts

•             Cruiselines deckplans

•             Emailable Deckplans

•             Emailable directions to pier

•             Vendor Websites

•             Booking links

•             Airport Codes

Create Custom reports


•             Agency sales

•             Individual agent sales

•             Reports by sales date

•             Reports by departure date

•             Reports by booking date

•             Commissions due reports